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Solution is in your hand

What are you looking for,
Godot comes from nowhere.
Trust thyself, peep inside you
The solution always lies there.
You are blessed with the best
Utilize your faculty of reason
Your mind is so miraculous
It can change natural season.
Good and bad are but your,
Own way of looking at things.
All are equal with same disposition
Hard work and craze are extra wings.
You can carve out your way
If you are determined and have will
All are talented with some gifts
Little you need to sharpen your skill.
Physical impairity is never a hindrance
Stephen Hawking is the best example
Helen Keller and many more like her
Won the life’s hardest gamble.
Opportunities always welcome those
Who are gallant and believe in win
The world respects those who stand fast
To be disappointed and despair is a sin.
One defeat opens the doors of victory
There are many battles you need fight
Learning from the experience of sages
You can carve out your way right.
In this journey of life we are not alone
We need to take others along
Once you help others to win this
The progeny of man will sing your song.
By Mohammad Ibrahim.


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