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Judge me not on my smiling face

Judge me not on my smiling face
I am torn inside and feel really sad.
I just enjoy the life by facing it bold
I cant share how often I feel bad.

I am discarded in love and suffer
And simply ignored for my simplicity
I have seen people changing their face
And the life turns to great complexity.

I see people fighting in the name of religion
Hypocrisy,greed flattery and pride everywhere
All these evils combined to scar my soul
And I am left with no choice but to simply bear.

Selfishness and conceit destroys us
It hampers our way of collective thinking.
All this deteriorate the norms of our nation
And I feel as if slowly we are sinking.

I see feuds everywhere in the name of
Either land, ego or for honour sake
Unity equality justice and peace vanish
And we feel pleasure in things fake…

Let us think new and look for solution
I want to laugh a real laugh in my face
When my people will wage war against evils
I will feel I have won and found grace.
By Mohammad Mohammad Ibrahim


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