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What is love????

They ask me what is love??
And ask me to define it.
Is it so simple or easy to
Define it in a few lines, Nay..
Or is it so difficult that,
It can’t be defined say?
Those who love define it well
And those who don’t, cant.
Love either temporal or spiritual
Is simple submission to the will 
Of beloved where I deny my self
And only talk of my love.
Where all my whims, desires, 
Dreams, fantasies, destinations 
And even my achievements are
Measured with the yardstick of my love.
Where I only think for love 
And where I live for love.
It changes my out look
And it shapes my attitude.
It gives meaning to my existence 
And it requires me to love all.
It snatches away all hypocrisy, greed
And avarice. It moulds my character
And for my singular love, I love all.
I respect all and I hate none.
It purges my thinking and purifies my soul.
It teaches me not possession
For it simply denies my self.
It makes me of my beloved
Regardless of his thinking about me. 
And till I win his love I am not able to say
Either I am blessed or not.
It is all about one sided 
Till I win my love…..
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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