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I have never been hurt by enemies

I have never been hurt by enemies
But my own people hurt me often
I often feel as if I am buried in coffin.
I need support and they simply discourage
At the time of smile they frown at me
It ruins my talent and adds melancholy.
In distress they leave me alone and 
I suffer all the pains of their silence.
They even utter nothing in violence.
I depend not on them but being friends
They could have supported my voice well
In heaven with me but left me alone in hell.
Friends are our strength we have learnt
But what about such friends who with you not stand
It is callousness or any thing else I can’t understand.
If I was wrong they might have guided me
But they did nothing and waited for my disgrace
I have hurt feelings which I can not just express.
It was an open attack on my trust and love
Better they had stabbed me in my heart indeed
They deceived me not but scarred the friendship creed.
You have done it with me but for God sake
Never do it again with any one else, please
For the trust of friends in future may cease.
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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