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Life is hard no doubt

Life is hard no doubt
But there are hundreds 
Of reasons to live it well.

It is full of beauty
With wonderful opportunities
So loving, I can’t tell.

I never ignore its bitterness
But what about its sweets!!!
We need a taste of smell.

A budding flower and saplings
All oddities of wonderful nature
It is sign of heaven not hell.

It is test of our mantle
To determine our courage
We must pass and never fail.

All will be fine one day
Do not loose your hope
God’s blessings are at Sale.

Every new day brings us
New opportunities of survival
We simply need to avail.

We are given the best
Talent courage and strength
Only our nature is frail.

Be brave and live smiling
Despair will vanish one day
We will even defeat a gale.

He has given us existence
And He will guide us too
Keeping us hearty and hale.
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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