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I enjoy weak walk……

I enjoy my weak walk
For I believe in learning.
You have all the rights
To laugh at my weakness
For I believe in hard earning.

My small steps are harbinger
Of a gallant walk of success
I ll learn to run fast
And win all the marathons
Along with the challenges I face.

I know the worth of little steps
And trust in my talent.
Weak and fragile I seem now
But very soon will get strength
I am searching my hidden potent.

I care not for all the laugh
I receive at each stumbling
I continue my march of learning
Without giving any thought to it
I am determine to win life’s gambling.

Little drops make mighty oceans
I have read Julia Carny well
Following that simple lesson
I have started march of my success
One day to you, I ll proudly tell.

You can not discourage me
Friends I am determined to succeed
I ll learn one day how deal
And win the race of life
So I ll simply proceed and proceed….
By Muhammad Mohammad Ibrahim


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