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inner feelings (Poetic Prose)

People find time to talk about other
I don’t find just to explore myself.
We wish to find perfection in others
Where as we ourselves lack it.
we hate others telling lie but
Shamelessly utter ourselves
WE never like others cheating us
But then proudly cheat others.
We talk of discipline but unfortunately
We don’t know what it means
Ask others to work hard to win 
But we are often work shy
We talk of merit in every order
But then strangle it for our gains.
We loathe hatred and evils bluntly
But then practice them independently.
We talk of morality but in action immoral
Want purity but never pure ourselves.
Everywhere cheat, mean and corrupt practices
We even not think of evil as an evil.
This duplicity, this duality or this hypocrisy
What to name it and what to call it.
Is it callousness, apathy or simple ignorance.
What are we doing and what do we practice.
Isn’t it shameful torturous and burdensome
Are we strong enough to live with such heavy burdens…
Or our conscience dead and we don’t feel dread???
Will any prophet come to guide us 
Or we waiting for any scripture to be revealed new???
We are smart enough to talk about existence of God
But can not mould our existence right….
Things are getting strange and we do nothing
We have been so habitual of this nonsense 
That we take it commonsense.
We find faults in others and find time for others
But alas we never peeped inside us and
We never realised that we are others of others.
What we think of others, others think same for us.
So let us change and correct ourselves
And all will be fine with the rest…..
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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