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Someone has stolen my sleep….

Someone miles away has stolen my sleep
Distance matters not our relation is so deep.

She might be disturbed of any nightmare
She wide awaken and I can’t sleep here.

She thinks its only she counts stars alone
But here for her all my peace and rest is gone.

She is stubborn and will never share it with me
But when I am insomniac the same is with she.

we are physically parted and disconnected long
But can feel each other even our heart’s song.

She prefers to suffer alone but often miss my love
I also pretend to ignore but still she is my loving dove.

Tonight is really strange I love to talk with moon.
She might have in open sky her presence shown.

I wish she never feel a pang of care worn heart
I assure her my being there though physically part.

May she never suffer in life the sightliest pain
I am ready to sacrifice for her all my gain.
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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