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la bell dam sans mercy II

I was sleeping in peace
She woke up me from deep slumber
And took hold of my hand
And led me to a forlorn land.
I silently followed her in trance
She kept me in trance of her love
I dared not to ask about her whereabouts
For her beauty was enchanting.
I was mesmerised by her long hair
Her long neck kept me dumb and silent
Her height was higher than my thinking
And her smile was enchanting.
And for her words I dont have any word
And her elegant walk was matchless 
Her softness I can feel even now 
And it make me feel soft at heart.
I was quite happy and blindly followed her
Everything was fine till my hand was hold by her
She made me realise the beauty of world.
The flowers offered me new fragrance
And even in deserts I saw oasis
The clouds were raining the purest water
And even the barren lands seemed fertile.
I loved following her
Everything was new and fresh
I saw all such things as if first time in world.
All the poems I had learnt were clear to me now
I understood the meaning of the toughest texts.
And the she bowed to kiss me
Oh the warmth of her sweet lips I could tolerate not
It was the best experience I ever had in life
I even became ready to face death in her company.
Ah alas every thing was fine
And I took her as the everything of my life
Than she brought to me to a wonderful land.
The beautiful garden with loving flowers
Water springs and all enchanting scenery.
A lavish green lawn with luxurious fences.
Such sight was never seen by me even in imagination
Here her beauty was added with extra charm
As if shed had been added with extra grace
She motioned me to sit there and asked for wait
The hours passed by but I could not realise.
I was engrossed in her thought and wait was not a problem.
However after long time she did not return
I looked for her and then was shocked
I was in a barren land with no beauty.
All beauty was gone with her and I felt as if 
I was ruined and deprived of all happiness.
What was it I could never realise.
I even search for her today but since then
She is gone she never returned back….
Mohammad Ibrahim


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