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Why we are taxed speech by ibrahim khokhar

“Man is born free but every where he is in chains”. This wonderful line of Rousseau reminds me the plight of modern man in general and ordinary citizens of Pakistan in particular.
Mr. President.
A heavy curse might fall on Adam Smith the father of modern economics who regularized the ways of capitalism and introduced the ways in which rich becomes richer and poor suffers the plight of poverty , hunger and unequal distribution of wealth.
One thing more my learned audience ………………………….
My talk is mainly focused on Pakistan so today we will talk why we are taxed in Pakistan. For taxes might have their uses and advantages in other parts of the world; but here they have quite different purposes to serve.
Mr. President………..
The only rationale behind the taxing the population might be strengthening to state resources to carry out smooth function of services provided to the population on equal bases but do you agree this happening in Pakistan????
If you agree than pity on you!!!!!!!!!!!
As if you have landed from Mars knowing very little about our affairs of state or, you are damn busy in your tough schedule of activities finding no time to read news paper or watching Television ……………..
Ah!!!!!!!!!! This is pity on this nation and the smartness of our rulers ………………………..
But Mr. President ……………….
Let us see how and why are we taxed ???????????
I did not include the word who? , for it is established fact that every downtrodden in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan pays tax regardless of his income. From your cell phone bills to the purchase of Paracetamol and every pill you pay tax to the government. Sometimes in the name of GST; sometimes in the name of value added tax and sometimes in the name of income or property tax.
Ladies and Gentle man………………….
This collection of tax starts from the day of your birth and continues till you breath your last. For the expenses of your delivery and the purchase of your shroud are tax added. In this way every one in this Islamic state of Pakistan is taxed regardless of caste, color, creed, age or sex.
Mr. President ………………..
I am very poor in calculations but imagine the amount collected every day from two hundred million Pakistanis. And if the country runs on Aids and loans where this amount goes………
Mr. President…………………..
Our country is the blessed one in the world. I don’t know the reason but it is the blessing of Almighty Allah on Pakistan that we are always given loans, donations, and funds by monetary organizations and master states despite of our poor record of paying back our loans.
Our education system runs on the funds and loans of USAID and World Bank, our health department relies heavily on World Health Organization and UN backed health schemes; from Polio eradication to vaccination we look to wards them for funding. Our agriculture and irrigation is administered via Asian Bank. Japan, Saudi Arabia, European Union are our benevolent donors and loan provided. USA and China have vested interests in investing billions of dollars in strengthening our infrastructure and defense.
We built Gawadar Port with foreign Aid and now our roads are being renovated by Chinese contractors. Where the hell Pakistani resources go ???????????????
Where is our money that we deposit in the name of taxes from our birth to death?????????????????
When the country runs on incubators of foreign loans and Aids then why we are being tax??????????
Why?????? Why??????????Why????????
Mr. President let me tell you why????????????
One of the out going official of Swiss bank reported that amount collected by the Pakistani politicians in Swiss Banks is capable enough of running the country for eighty years without taxes and foreign Aid.
We are taxed in Pakistan but the amount is collected in Swiss Banks………….!!!!!!!!!
We are taxed in Pakistan but luxurious apartments are built in London, a palace is purchased Surry Mahal ,The Royal Luxurious state is established in Jati Umrah, Bilawal House in Lahore and state of art residence in Chak Shahzad …………!!!!!!
Mr. President ……………
It is the result of our tax money that sons of scrap contractor and the Cinema House owners are billionaires today. It is our money that we earn after shedding our sweat and blood that enables a few people at the helm of affairs to enjoy luxuries ………..
Mr. President………………
We are taxed so that the sessions in Provincial and National Assemblies go on smoothly where instead of national welfare personal scores are settled.
We are taxed so that the poverty alleviation seminar may be conducted in P.C and Marriot …….
We are taxed so that the expenses of photo sessions of authorities and protocol of hundreds of vehicles in Thar may be met.
And we are taxed so that the security of our coward leaders must be ensured…………
In last we are taxed so that these so called masters enjoy every thing from education to health.
And the poor lot of suffering of poor continues, for we are free and unequally equal citizens of this state.
May Allah have mercy on us.

The End


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