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Migratory birds….

Every year the thousands of birds fly,
Covering the distance of thousands of miles.
They select the wetlands of loving Sind,
Bringing here beauty and on faces smiles.
From Siberian cold they all seek refuge,
Cranes, teals, pin tails all in big rows.
Settle in ponds, lakes, lowlands and creeks,
Enrich our environment till the winter goes.
Gad walls and bustards in the groups come
Along their fledglings lead happy life.
Swans in the best of beauty swim across,
Without fear of firing or coming under a knife.
With the arrival of winter they all come,
And at its end they all fly back again.
Back to their homes with the love of land,
Leaving us in pangs of separation and pain.
Yet we are sure of their coming
And wait for winter to see them back.
And in November they all start returning
With beautiful patterns of white and black.
English Department is also a kind of wetland
Where every years cranes and bustards land.
Quenching their thirst of knowledge and learning
Successfully fly back to their homes at the end…
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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