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We as a nation are moving in the right direction. Against speech by Mohammad Ibrahim Khokhar

14th August 1947, the world witnessed a remarkable event in the human history. For the Muslims of world the day was not less than a great surprise and blessing. And on the face of earth emerged a new independent state.
This achievement was the result of long standing struggle and efforts, countless sacrifices and severe hardships.
The mothers had lost their sons; the brothers saw their sisters being taken away and eventually raped and killed; sons lost their fathers but when they all heard the roaring voice of Jinnah in the constituent Assembly they all got new faith, new spirit, new inspiration, a source of motivation and feeling of achievement.
His charismatic voice vanished all sufferings, reduced pains, and brought a wide smile on the faces of wild and bewildering crowds..

Yes Mr. President. Worthy teachers and loving audience…..
Jinnah was much optimist and confident when he was telling his people and I quote
“ You are free; You are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in the state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the state.”

He further told to his nation and I quote
“ We are starting this fundamental principal that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one state”
But Mr. President ……
The great ideals of Jinnah and his dream of Pakistan as one and an ideal nation went buried with him in his white mausoleum. And since then we saw this nation being exploited sometimes in the name of religion, sometimes under the banner of vested national interests, sometimes in the guise of doctrine of necessity and then the vast list of corruption, nepotism, favouritism, loot, plunder exploitation and extortion goes on….
Mr. President….
Pakistan as a nation stands at the verge of failure. Fortunately or unfortunately we achieved everything in the course of 67 years. We became atomic power, we are self sufficient in nuclear technology, we lead world in the field of sports, from youngest woman prime minister to the youngest Nobel prize winner, we stand in the top ranking of the world but what we could not achieve in this rough course of time is our being united as a single nation.
We are everything but we are not Pakistanis.
We have everything but as if we have nothing.

Mr. President..
It is only because the fate of nation is decided by handful politicians who lack in the spirit of nationalism, sincerity, vision and insight.
After Jinnah we could not get a true leader to steer the van of nation in the right direction. Due to the short sightedness of our weak and corrupt leaders we disowned and finally lost East Pakistan. Now we are facing severe crises of identity in Baluchistan, Waziristan and even in Sind. We created Taliban and now we are fighting against them. We were proud of Mujahideen and now term them terrorists…

Mr. President…
How pitiable, shameful and disgraceful is the reality of Pakistan..
The richest nation in the terms of natural resources and agriculture with fast flowing rivers relies heavily on foreign loans and aids.
Begging dollar in the name of natural calamity and disasters has become our identity. Our elite class enjoys the best in the life. From the best possible education to the luxurious life style, they are awarded protocols even for their private visits. On the other hand people die of poverty, hunger and starvation.
The fragile women and the innocent children in Thar cry and finally die after leaving the biggest question mark to our progress as a nation.
Mr. President…
We see ourselves lagging behind Bangladesh in the terms of education. When we see our schools used as godown, ottaks, and when we hear of ghost teachers, When about 25 million children are deprived of their basic right of education and when we see our educated youth wandering in different offices without jobs, when we see merit being killed and crushed under the feet of corruption and lawlessness, then we all wonder and ask???
“Is this the Pakistan our forefathers had fought for???, Is this Pakistan Jinnah had dreamt of??? Is this Pakistan Mothers had sacrificed their children??? Is this Pakistan Muslim Ummah had prayed for????”
Alas Alas and alas along with the big woe…
For all our hopes are shattered. All our dreams are unfulfilled and all our reasons of optimism go down…
We look for Messiah to come. But we all know no prophet will come to guide us. No divine scripture will be revealed for us.
As an independent nation we must look for our own solution and Ladies and gentlemen..
The solution lies within us.
I ‘ll take my seat with the lines of our great Quaid who I strongly believe can guide us well if properly followed what he had told us 67 years ago..
I quote
“we are all Pakistanis. Not Baluchis, Patahans, Sindhis, Punjabis or Bengalis. And as Pakistanis we must feet, behave and act, and we should be known as Pakistanis and nothing else.”
Pakistan Zindabad.
The End


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