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The Text of my Speech Delivered on Students’ Day at AIBTech Kandiaro on 25-12-2015.

Dear Student

Let me congratulate you for your struggle against darkness, ignorance and illiteracy. You are the lucky lot of the nation who are trained to take hold of the reigns of the nation. Tomorrow is yours. Future is yours. You are the budding scholars and the future leaders of this nation. And on your shoulders you have to take the heavy burden of Nation-Building and progressive and prosperous outlook of the nation.

Our country, our nation needs educated, enlightened and moderate youth. The nation doesn’t need the crowd of illiterate and ignorant youth. African nations are rich in natural resources and manpower but they lag behind in the race of development and prosperity, because their youth are not well trained, well educated or well-equipped with innovative and modern ideas and techniques. On the the hand, Japan and Singapore are poor in natural resources with weak manpower, however, today they shine as the leading economies and the prosperous nations only because their educated youth contribute in their well being and prosperity.

My Dear Young Fellows….

Let us decide our future. How do we want to live in the times coming ahead? Do we want to live with shame, ignorance, injustice, inequality and backwardness??? or we want to give respect, honour and well established living with meaning and purpose to our life in future?  The choice is in our hands.

Let us write our new history. Let us mould our character as a leader to water the seeds of prosperity and enlightenment. Let us change our circumstances and stagnant way of living into more dynamic, productive and meaningful existence.  Let us win back our glorious past of being the only civilised nation on the face of the earth some five thousand years back and lat us take lead in science, technology, culture and civilization.

Let us give our best to inculcate the message of love, peace, prosperity and struggle as taught by our great teacher Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.  As the strong believer in the teachings of Latif, I am sure with continuous struggle and vibrant participation in the affairs of life and pursuit of truth we ‘ll surly win.

Let us believe in winning. Let us believe in struggling. Let us believe in practicality.  Mark my words today. World will be your follower and you will be the future leaders of the modern world. Kindly rise up, join hands together and start struggle.

May Allah help you to achieve this great ambition in life. Thank you for listening me enthusiastically and passionately.


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