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Evening Tea with Friends…

On every weekend I go to my hometown Kandiaro and every evening taking taking this cup of tea with friends at Hotel is a sort of ritual for all of us. Evening is the best time for gossip and for the union of friends who spend their day in different activities at different work places. So at this hour of time we all meet at that particular hotel, selected deliberately and with mutual consent of all friends. The hotel is located at ideal place bit away from humdrum of city and at the bank of a canal. There are more than one reason that we meet there. Most of my friends meet there on regular basis, however, I join them mostly on weekends when I return from Khairpur my job-town.
As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons to sit there and one of them is the quality of tea served there. Being the regular customers, we are often taken care of and served with the best one. while we all sit together taking the hot tea occasionally added with biscuits, we all talk about the issues of our mutual interest. And there is variety of our mutual interest as it ranges from simple current affairs to complex religious talk and advancement in technology particularly in medical sciences. ( Thanks to one of our friend who is student of medical sciences). meanwhile the discussion some times touches philosophy and linguistics too.
but don’t worry we also enjoy gossiping about latest movies, favorite songs and sometimes idle nonsense talk. We often sit in a particular corner of the hotel, where our discussion continues along with the big roars of laughter without disturbing others or being disturbed. The company varies from day to day. Usually it involves three to four persons on regular working days but on weekends, the number sometimes exceeds ten.
Taking evening tea in such a nice gathering is usually a nice fun and healthy activity. It breaks us away form the monotony of hectic schedule and provides us a chance of peer learning as well as self enjoyment.
What matters is not a single cup of tea but the impact is much greater than we usually expect form such gatherings. (by: Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar)

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