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2015 an Estimate for the province of Sind.

The year 2015 has taken its last breath and now it has become the part of the history. Today we live in 2016, with many hopes, expectations, optimism and good wishes attached with it. But why do we forget that this is the same practice we had carried out last year too.
It is OK one must be optimist in all conditions yet let us caste a glance on 2015 as a year for the people of Sind. The year remained the continuity of the long rule of Sued Qaim Ali shah who is imposed upon the people of Sind by incompetent and power intoxicated leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party. Sindh suffers this pitiable and worst rule for eighth consecutive year and as the practice of the past nothing worth mentioning took place in the lives of common people. The only good thing that occurred in 2015 was Local Government Elections. These elections brought with them cash prizes, hollow promises of job or other facilities of personal gain. And with the magic wand PPP swept the elections throughout the Sind with glorious and heavy margin victory.
The present leadership of PPP has found a new formula of canvassing votes that was even not known by late Bhuttos.
The people of Sind cried against the pangs of ignorance, illiteracy, injustice,lawlessness and lack of civil facilities. The roads are dilapidated and the drainage has only become a dream of Moen jo Daro. What to talk of the floods even the rain can inflict the misery to the lives of common people. But the government takes no notice of it, rather shamelessly propagate their Utopian projects and packages to win numbers from the CM. The C. M is either incompetent yo realise the reality or deliberately closes his eyes at this worst form of performance.
The only notable action that Govt of Sind could take to do her best was to defend Dr. Asim but the 2015 ended hurriedly without witnessing the final results of the match of tug of war between the province and the federal government. Had the CM protested and acted like this on other issues of public interest the Lot of the people of the province might have been changed.
The education of the province continue to suffer owing to the unique decisions taken by the authorities at policy making level. The suspended teachers of 2014 suffered the same plight in 2015 too as no enquiry nor any decision was taken regarding them. The test of Head Master/mistress was made controversial while denying the right to NTS qualified teachers. The problem of ghost schools and ghost teachers remained ghost this year. Same is the plight of other departments. Corruption n bad governance remained the fate of the people of the province. In the given scenario can we expect anything good from 2016 or it will be just an other year of disappointments, despair or dismal performance…
Ibrahim Khokhar


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