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Memoirs of 2015

The last sun of 2015 sets in the west with its last glorious ray shining the earth and giving way to much optimist more clear and eventful sun of 2016 and taking it place tomorrow. Meanwhile sitting in the corner of a hotel near the canal, while observing the setting sun and flowing water under the bridge I count the blessings, events and memories of 2015. If assessed properly 2015 was not much different year from its predecessors, yet every moment of life has its worth, significance and fragrance and this was not a moment rather a full ripe year so it surely has its story to tell.

As a routine ritual, I had welcomed 2015 with much optimism and had planned and scheduled many activities to be carried out. The first month brought me the worst news of sad demise of my father in law who was more than only to be a father in law. He was my trusted friend, companion, guide and mentor. He inculcated in me the confidence of living with smiling face even in all odds and hardships. His art of living was exemplary and surely enviable. Having strong belief in nature and ways of Allah, he was a perfect success story that I will narrate next time. His sad demise brought a way of sorrow as well as unfolded challenges to all of us in general to his sons and family members in particular. The impact was so devastating that even the rest of months could not compensate the loss and my daring brother in law is still struggling bravely to manage the loss (May the challenging crises successfully get settled in 2016).

For me 2015 was the year of pain, agony and struggle. Throughout the year I have been successfully fighting against the painful disease and though I could not win over it in 2015, I am determined to defeat it in 2016. However, the physical pain was less torment able than the mental agonies and sufferings. Unfortunately, I saw this year the hollowness of so celled elites, cunningness and hypocrisy of highly literate once and even the worst realization that how much materialist and individual profit seekers we are that we even care not about the national, cultural and ethical foundations. This shock and mental torture has been constantly torturing me and I doubt if I would get out of this in 2016.

In term of academics, this year was bit improving one in term of teaching but very poor in my own studies. I could not find time or courage to finalize my research proposal in time, owing to various reasons (The leading one being my lethargic attitude and negligence) but owing to encouragement of certain friends, I mustered courage to finalize it in the last month of December and most surely the new year will held the engagement of this wandering soul into a literary and research pursuit.

As narrated earlier, I was bit satisfied (If not fully) with my performance as a teacher but the poor response from my students compelled me to revise, revisit and criticize my teaching strategy seriously and as a result I found many gaps in my teaching So, by the 2016 I’ll try to fill in those gaps and I am sure my teaching skills will be integrated with these observations and students would be benefitted with this.

2015 is marked with my various assignments carried out as the Deputy Director Distance Education at Salu, Khairpur. In this capacity, I attended training workshop at Islamabad where time spent with friends while being at Islamabad and then at Murree needs full description, Dr. Chandan lal and Dr. Salman know it very well that if I describe these events in detail it will result in a voluminous book of travelogue. Visiting Dadu, Larkana, Sukkur and Shikarpur for this assignment adds little charm to over all dull and boring days of 2015.

The year is marked with my experience of contesting elections at University and then ultimately withdrawing my candidature at the nick of time owing to my personal weakness in emotional stability. Yet the event played a major role in learning the new lessons of life.

As narrated earlier, throughout the year I was struggling in terms of health so, I always tried to keep myself cool. I often tried to enjoy even during the worst moments. My smiling on the occasions irritated many, for they counted it sarcastic. This smile and lightness of mood put me in trouble during exams at Karachi when the invigilator reported against me for irritating her. The authorities called for my explanation and then they excused me for the misunderstanding. (Another event that needs full details)

During the scotching summer days we found solace in the moderate and cold environment of northern areas. Traveling with like- minded friends enhances the chances of enjoyment and outing. For me, it was not only an outing but in fact the opportunity of learning and observation. The beauty of land and beauty among people enchanted our weird and weary soul and when we returned, we could not forget the charismatic features of land for many days. At Lake Saif ul Malook as if we were surrounded by the real fairies. The sun had hid his angry face behind the clouds and that shadowy day with dazzling at Saif ul Malook was the happiest and the most romantic day of our life. The blue water, surrounded by green mountains patched with white snow and people from different parts of the country roaming in carefree style added the charms of the scene and had it not been a compulsion to return; my heart wanted to stay there till I describe the scenic beauty in the thick volume of legendry epic of mesmerizing beauty. With all these beautiful moments and the pangs of hard events, separation, wait, despair and longing, failure, cries and sorrows that I kept hidden from the rest of the world, this 2015 is bidding good bye. Tomorrow will be a new year, a year of new stories, new happenings and new legends. I can just wish it to be better than 2015. Adieu 2015 and welcome 2016.


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