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SPEECH BY MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM KHOKHAR (MIKE) Characteristics of a Good Leader

Persia persecuted Greeks for centuries.

For long the Arabs were ignorant Bedouins.

English was the Sick man of Europe.

America was the crushed colony of British Imperialism.

English occupied India for more than one hundred years.

The opium eater Chinese were sleeping in the slumber of ignorance.


But then Mr. President, Worthy Guests, Respected Teachers and Ladies and Gentlemen the human history witnessed miracles happening. In the days of Alexander Persia succumbed to Greece.

The prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) revolutionized the lives of Arab Bedouins and turned them into the guides of entire world.

As English was the sick man of the Europe; with arrival of Queen Elizabeth it emerged as the most progressive nation of the world.

George Washington clinched the freedom from the sharp jaws of British imperialism for America.

Quaid-e-Azam and Mahatma Gandhi defeated the evil designs of English and won freedom for Pakistan and India.


Ladies and Gentlemen


It was charismatic leadership of Mao-ze-Tung awakened the slumbering Chinese and led them to the economic prosperity and the most industrious nation on the map of the world.


Mr. President a true leader is one who leads his nation from bottom and tells them all the ways of honest living, graceful ways, belief in struggle and pride.


A true leader like Mahathir Mohammad and turned his nation into the lion of the East. Today Malaysia is the modest and modern Muslim state. Singapore is a deserted island but not its leaders showed vision of prosperity to its people.

When a leader leads his nation and his people, the time follows the gesture of his eyes. Oceans feel inferior to his imagination, stars watch him from the distance and heaven salutes for his struggle and farsightedness. This leads them speak to God, this leader becomes the co-creator with the God.


Iqbal translates it in this way.


“Thou created night and I made the lamp.

Thou created clay and I made cup”.

Yes Mr. President a true leader changes a lot of his people and plays the role in peace and prosperity of the nation. A True leader holds the torch of freedom, equality and fraternity in his hands.


Ladies and Gentlemen a country can survive without natural Resources like Japan but can never flourish without true leadership like African nations.

The tough battles of life can never be won without true leadership. Mughals lost their vast empire owing to a vacuum in leadership.

I shall sum up my speech with these beautiful lines of Iqbal.

“Farsighted, visionary, humble in gesture.

these are the characteristics of the true leader of life”.


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