Not gold but only man can make,

A nation great and strong.

People who for truth and honour sake,

Stand fast and suffer long.

With these beautiful lines of American Poet Emerson, Mr. President, worthy teachers and my dear fellows, let me be very much clear to announce with proud that the history of any nation is in fact the history of its heroes.

What makes a nation strong and great??  Wealth ? Riches ? Land ? or water not at all Mr. President not…

Greece is renowned because of contribution of Socrates, Aristotle and Alexander the great.

Romans are known far and wide because of Caesar and same is case with Islam.

Yes Mr. President after Prophet (pbuh) it was courage of Abu Bakar, The justice of Omar, the wisdom of Usman and the bravery of Ali (AS) that Islam reached out to all nooks and corners of the world.

Mr. President let us peep into the recent History of India. From Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and from Ali Brothers to Mohammad Ali Jinnah the story of independence of India is in fact the story of heroic deeds and heroic pursuits.

When the war of independence failed, the lean and fragile Sir Syed took lead in funding Muslim youth to wage a new war with new weapon of education.

When British aggression increased its wrath, at that time the brave sons of Bi Aman stood like firm stones to defeat imperialist designs of English. The tongue of Shoukat Ali and pen of Mohammad Ali Johar wrote the new history of Heroism in India.

But Mr. President, wait !!! Wait !!! and let me tell you the biggest tale of heroism.

The matchless and unparallel leadership of Jinnah, the tall and weak hero who made impossible come possible, who told world that miracles can happen and who renewed the spirit of faith and commitment in human heart, made history realize the worth of heroism. The world pays him rich tribute for his untiring efforts and unbelievable tale of achievements.

Yes Mr. President, Jinnah and Iqbal not only set the standards of heroism and hero worship but in fact created the lands of future heroes.

Pakistan the land of leading philanthropist Edhi, the home of scientists like Salam Khan and Qadir Khan, the proud mother land of Ali Moen Nawazish and the youngest Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousfzaee is the land of heroes. Should I name Aizan khan the defender of school attack as hero or I pay tribute to those brave boys of Army Public School Peshawar??

Should I mention Arfa Karim Randhawa? or salute Maryam the pilot fighter of Air force?? Should I tell you the success story of only female Muslim prime minister of the world or I share with you the courage of General Sharif the Ghaxi of Zarb-e-Azab and the brother of Maj. Shabir Sharif Nishan-e-Hyder.??

Mr. President, we are living nation, with living national heroes. The world stands witness to our bravery and like Ulysses we are tested by time and every time we have learnt to stand again, rise again and fight again and not to yield. We are proud of our heroes and we love them all.

This makes Pakistan the nation of heroes and living spirit.

The End


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