Allah almighty, glorious GOD and the creator of universe, the sustainer of life and cherisher of dreams creates Adam from dust,

The vile dust but exalts his status then angels, and when angels object, ALLAH commands Adam to reveal the names of things,

And the education becomes the first point of man’s superiority over all the creations.

ALLAH reveals the Holy Scriptures, the final message to mankind and the first revealed line is (IQRA) “read with name of thy Lord” and this single line changes the lot of barbaric, inhumane, adulterated, corrupt, bankrupt and polluted Arabs of deserted peninsula into the leading, guiding and enlightened nation of the world. Then…

Yes Mr. President, worthy teachers, respected fellows, ladies and gentleman, let me announce here from this sacred platform that “Education is the most power full weapon which can change the nation”.

Education is in fact a miraculous weapon that kills the forces of ignorance and heals the wounds of lawlessness and inequality. It is the weapon that helps Greeks to win the “war of troy”, and that enables Homer to sing the songs of Odysseys.

It was weapon of education that Sophocles heralded to Greeks and later on enabled Alexander to defeat Persia and conquer India.

Yes Mr. President, it was education that enabled the defeated, downtrodden, peevish and poverty ridden Israelis to stand against the tyranny and dictatorship of Pharaoh and win peace and prosperity.

And who could have inflicted the heavy and lethal loss to Roman and Persian Empires of Ceaser and Pervaiz, if Muslims had not strengthened their defense with the weapon of Education.

From English Renaissance to Arab spring, the Education plays a vital role in prosperity and progress of the world. It is the education that brings equality, merit, justice, brotherhood, tolerance, harmony, enlightenment and development.

And today when the man stands proud in progress of Human civilization in 21st century, it is education that determines our worth among other human beings.

Yes Mr. President,

That is why Mandela rightly says that “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the whole world”.

Let us cast glance on world map from North America to South East Asia we find progressive and prosperous nations along with peevish and poverty stricken nations. When European giants take lead in economy and prosperity and even Japan the poorest in natural resources stands exalted in GDP and human index level, we find the richest African countries in term of natural resources suffering starvation, hunger, terrorism, loot and plunder, then we stand witness to support the topic of the day that it is only education that changes the lot of nations.

Yes Mr. President,

Education and Education alone can change our destiny and our way of life.

Education teaches us the ways of life and makes us ready to fight for life, education ensures prosperity, education ensures security and education ensures integrity. It is education that establishes the sense of goodness, honor, pride, nationalism, peace, brotherhood, and humanism among us. This is weapon that we can use to change the menace of terrorism, extremism, racism, favoritism, and nepotism.

Let’s all stand united to equip ourselves with this latest weapon to defeat our enemies. Our enemies are corruption, terrorism, intolerance, sectarianism and ignorance. Let’s shoot all these enemies with the weapon of education.

And I am sure with this useful weapon we can win back our honor and glory, the way Alexander defeated Persia, the Israeli’s defeated pharaoh, the Muslim silenced Caesar and the way Japan and China emerged successful after world war II. The world will sing our song and the modern Odyssey will be odyssey of our nation fighting the battle of survival with the weapon of education.

To conclude, I would like to invite all of you to join the Crusade against ignorance by equipping yourself with the weapon of education for I strongly believe that education is the only weapon that we can used to change the world. I thank you all.


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